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Continuing to blaze new ground in mobile adventures, we bring to you, the Stunt Jump. This innovative new product gives you the chance to free-fall through the air like a Hollywood stuntman, before landing on a cushion of air.



The Stunt Jump is designed with an eye towards safety. The 8.3m long x 6.1m wide x 2m deep bag is a proprietary construction that has been designed and refined by trapeze artists to softly absorb landings from heights well above the height of our top platform. It has been successfully used in trapeze and stunt applications for over 6 years. The unique design re-inflates very quickly between jumps, and it is soft enough to safely cushion an awkward landing position. The tower continues the eye towards safety with a locking entrance gate, 1.1m high handrail, non-slip treads, and padded edges on the jump platform. This might be the biggest thrill around, but we wouldnt offer it if we werent confident in its safety!


The jump bag is the same patented design that won Best Technology Applied from IAAPA in 2007 under a previous brand name. The tower is a slightly modified version of the Best New Product from IAAPA in 2011. These 2 products have been combined to offer a premium entertainment experience to participants.

Mass Appeal

Weve blazed the trail on some exciting new products such as the first mobile climbing wall and mobile zip line. We can honestly say that weve never seen such a positive reaction to a new product! It hits an extremely wide demographic from elementary kids to college students. This generation has grown up watching extreme athletes do tricks into extra large foam pits, and the Stunt Jump gives them the chance to feel like a hero.

Minimal Staff Requirements

Our Mobile Stunt Jump can realistically be setup by 2 operators in less than 15 minutes. Roll out the jump bags, raise the tower with the on-board 12 volt lift system, flip on the blowers and thats it! The same 2 employees can easily manage the traffic because there are no harnesses, nothing to reset, and no loading procedures.

Huge Profit Potential

The Stunt Jump is an operators dream come true with aphenomenally high capacity, minimal staffing requirements, and no annual maintenance parts!. We have seen as many as 6 jumpers per minute. This is critical for both pay-per-play events where capacity equals profits and for special events where customer satisfaction is often tied to low line waiting time.

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