Rotational Rock Climbing Walls

ASCENT® ROCK 2-Person Climbing Simulator

The Rock is a simulated, two-person climbing wall that tilts, spins, and rotates to mimic real mountain climbing. The Rock doesn't stop moving unless you want it to. You never have to get off the Rock to change pitch or difficulty. And it's the only system that allows you to practice completely inverted climbing. However, it remains quite safe as the climber is never more than four feet off the ground.

Climbing by its very nature gives participants a full-body workout. The Rock is no different. It is a great low-impact workout that especially strengthens the core and upper body. The Rock also improves flexibility and enhances cardiovascular health. Some studies have shown that the Rock can burn 150-250 calories per 15 minute program!

The Rock has a very intuitive control console similar to a treadmill. Speed and incline may be manually adjusted, or you can choose one of the preset programs.



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