"We help people be brave and take on a challenge, so they can be proud of themselves."


Our resident "Chief Climbing Wizard", has devoted the last 6 years to Base Zero, integrating effective strategies to assist clients to achieve amazing events. Matty has an unstoppable amount of energy, loves climbing, running and spending time with his fiance Suvarna.  Matty and Sav are currently traveling abroad for 6 mths, on an adventure throughout SE Asia, India, and much of Europe. Matty will be assisting the Base Zero Team 'virtually' whilst traveling. We are very excited and proud of them both, as they donate their time while traveling to support a Non-Government organisation -  volunteering at a dental clinic in a 3rd world country.


Has a deep desire to bring out the best in people. He loves to discover and empower peoples underlining purpose, and encourage them to grow and acheive more than they thought they were capable of.  He is an avid reader in areas of growth, leadership and development.  Devoted to a Lifelong study of Business and Leadership.  He loves to spend time with his family on 4x4 adventures and outdoor pursuits, especially fishing with his kids Reef and Flynt.


Lisa brings with her an endless supply of energy and humour to the team.
With a strong background in Customer relations, Lisa loves helping people.
As a mother of 3 Lisa is all ways on the go, and enjoys the exciting challenge of raising young adults.



Sandra has a passion for business development and marketing.
An extensive background in Direct Customer service, within the Hospitality industry.
Sandi was a former franchisee at Muffin Break, and brings with her extensive knowledge in business marketing and development.
Sandra has an adventurous spirit, and loves lthe thrill of adventure.  

Tayla Pellberg base Zero


Tayla is a bundle of energy, with a vibrant and optimistic approach to life.
One of the many strengths, Tayla brings with her is an appetite for organisation and attention to detail.
Gaining a Cert 3 in child services early in her work career, Tayla has a passion for helping kids build their confidence.
Now emerging from the travel and tourism industry, Tayla's Marketing and communication skills are a driving force behind her current bachelor's degree study in the field of Communications.
After traveling abroad on adventures throughout London, NZ, and Singapore, Tayla has her sights set on the Canadian wilderness. 
Locally Tayla loves to bushwalk and Rock climbing with her partner Matt throughout the SE QLD Hinterland.
If only she could convince Matt that a goat is able to be house trained, her life would then be complete. 
Tayla's work ethic and drive are a real asset to the team.


Loves the live music and the performing arts scene.  Currently studying Event management, Lucy brings her educated talents and fresh ideas to the team as the 'Social Media Fairy' for Base Zero.  Lucy enjoys hiking in Tasmania and leading the charge in paintball skirmish. Lucy is currently traveling throughout London for 2 months.


Is a devoted rock climber, he loves canyoning and camping in the great outdoors.  When he's home, he loves researching mechanics, fixing vehicles, and developing electronic components. 

Michael and Jess

Michael and his wife Jess were so excited to accept the offer to lead the Brisbane North team at Base Zero.
"We were looking for a good work-life balance with the freedom and independence to spend more time with our family".
After a 10-yr. career as a Business Development Manager for a large Brisbane based beverage company, Michael brings with him, extensive skills in Information Technology & Network management. Michael is a calm, patient and easy-going leader, he has a result focused energy, and passion for working outdoors with people.
Jess is a qualified Personal Trainer and has the unrelenting energy to keep up with their 4 wonderful children and loves to utilise her Photographic skills to build on Base Zero's Social Engagement.
As a family, they love going Camping & Hiking together.  On a spare weekend, Michael likes to assist as a track marshal for the Ford Racing Team or work on his project vehicle.
We are thrilled to have Michael and Jess leading the Brissy North Team.

Keep an eye out for Michael and Jess at one of our next Brisbane Events.


Our clients are delighted to have Chad leading the Base Zero Sydney South East team. 

With a strong background working in large teams, creating a fun and productive work place is Chad's strength.
Chad is a very capable and organised individual, with a cooperative personality, working extremely well in a team.

Chad is thrilled to be joining the Base Zero team, when he's not out at events helping kids become 'Base Zero brave', he's off surfing in Bali or on an adventure up the river on his jet ski.
With a creative passion for design and new technology, Chad has recently dived into 3D printing.

Keep an eye out for Chad at one of our next Sydney events.


Louis has a passion for Rock Climbing, and Bushwalking.
Louis is a very calm and dedicated individual, with a bachelor of Science (Chemistry) background.
Working with large companies such as Telstra and Translink, Louis brings his professionalism and quality attributes to the team.
On his time off, he's training his young pup, helping out at Climbing competitions, and enjoying the great outdoors.


We developed the model of our business, after realising the potential this activity releases in participants.
We have built a strong dynamic team that deliver a physical challenge that looks overwhelming to many people.
Our friendly team create a positive environment that encourages climbers, to achieve their desired result.

Our Philosophy and Values:

 As a company we strive to create a recreational environment that is healthy, safe and enjoyable.
The team at Base Zero, are committed to making each and every event we attend a total success.
We create an exciting and rewarding experience for all ages and abilities.
All team members are blue card certified and uniformed professionals, ready to bring an inspired and dynamic approach to your event.
We coach and encourage each climber to attain their goals.
From small vacation care activities to large community events, and event indoor corporate expos, we ensure that our qualified team will make your event a success.

the 5big advantages of Base Zero
  1. 10 year incident Free certificate.
  2. We promote your event through social media.
  3. Guaranteed to boost excitement at your event.
  4. Interactive entertainment for all ages, kids to adults.
  5. We provide event posters to promote your event.

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