Meet the Team


Our resident "Chief Climbing Wizard", has devoted the last 5 years to Base Zero, integrating effective strategies to boost the company's performance. He has an unstoppable amount of energy, loves climbing, footy and spending time with his girlfriend Suvarna.


Has a deep desire to bring out the best in those close to him. He loves to empower their underlining purpose, and encourage them to achieve what they are capable of.  He is an avid reader in areas of growth, leadership and development.  Devoted to a Lifelong study of Business and Leadership.  He loves to spend time with his family on 4x4 adventures and outdoor pursuits, especially fishing with his kids Reef and Flynt.


Loves the live music and the performing arts scene.  Currently studying Event management, Lucy brings her educated talents and fresh ideas to the team. She enjoys hiking in Tasmania, and leading the charge in paint ball skirmish.

Ag & Jo

An amazing couple that love spending time with their kids- Alex and Jay, on camping  trips.  AG's cool and calm, he's a devoted dad, his bright and bubbly wife Jo is a firecracker, full of excitement and energy. They love spending time together with their family in Bali.


Is a devoted rock climber, he loves canyoning and camping in the great outdoors.  When he's home, he loves researching mechanics, fixing vehicles, and developing electronic components.

About Base Zero - Mobile Rock Climbing

Welcome to Base Zero.

Base Zero supports our clients, in achieving a common goal. "We believe every Australian child should experience the thrill of Rock Climbing in a safe and encouraging environment."


To develop resilient children, that are confident and willing to peruse a challenge, unifies the combined strength of our team, positioning Base Zero as the industry leader.

Our Franchise partners, unite in this single purpose and vision.

The service we provide incorporates the exciting activity of Rock Climbing into many environments, throughout SE Queensland, NSW and ACT.

We developed the model of our business, after realising the potential this activity releases in participants.

We have built a strong dynamic team that deliver a physical challenge that looks overwhelming to many people.

Our friendly team create a positive environment that encourages climbers, to achieve their desired result.

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Our Philosophy and Values:

  • As a company we strive to create a recreational environment that is healthy, safe and enjoyable. 
  • The team at Base Zero, are committed to making each and every event we attend a total success.
  • We want to create an exciting and rewarding experience for all ages and abilities.
  • All team members are blue card certified and uniformed professionals, ready to bring an inspired and dynamic approach to your event.
  • We coach and encourage each climber to attain their goals.

From parties to the big events, we ensure that our qualified team will be the highlight of you event. For special events we have Promotional Girls and Climbing teams (see events section).

the 5big advantages of Base Zero
  1. 10 year incident Free certificate.
  2. We promote your event through social media.
  3. Guaranteed to boost excitement at your event.
  4. Interactive entertainment for all ages, kids to adults.
  5. We provide event posters to promote your event.

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