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Auto Belay Systems

The Auto belay system has been designed to enable the general public, the safest and most reliable climbing experience. 

You will find yourself wanting to climb up the wall just for the ride back down.

The auto belay enables a smooth and safe decent, at any time during your climb.  The system eliminates the need of a secondary person belaying you, hence the word, Auto-Belay.

Base Zero Automatic belay system

Our Generation 4 Auto-Belay is the best on the market.  The confidence that the Auto-Belay gives climbers is instant and incredible.  Auto-Belays are available for all types of climbing applications.  The new Generation 4 Auto-Belay is available for climbing heights from 4 metres to a HUGE 25 metres.

The Generation 4 Auto-Belay system has been tried and tested with millions of safe climbs. It can be installed and utilised indoors or outdoors.  Auto-Belay is a great addition to any club or gym that is looking to maximize their profits and to eliminate employee errors.  They are safe and easy to use. Professional installation is required.


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