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Great entertainment for everyone! 5 Star Team to deal with. Thanks again for being at the Nanango Show

Taleah Johnson

Thank you so much to the team from Base Zero for providing such a fun and exciting experience at our company's Annual Family Fun Day.
All the kids (and even a few of the parents), loved challenging themselves, by climbing the wall & even timing themselves.
The team was very professional, helpful & a delight to deal with. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fun activity at your next event!

Our bookings go through the roof knowing the climbing wall is coming. Children love the multiple times they get to challenge themselves on different levels of difficulty.
Thank you.

Elivia Burcher
Great experience for our students! Staff from base zero were helpful and our students had a fun and engaging time.
Students had to step outside their comfort zone and persevere with their challenges.

Title: Base Zero Mobile Rock Climbing: A Thrilling Adventure for Kids at QLD Eid Festival

Rating: ★★★★★

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Base Zero Mobile Rock Climbing at the QLD Eid Festival held at Mt Gravatt Showground, and I must say it was an absolute delight! From their exceptional punctuality to their outstanding professionalism and unwavering commitment to safety, Base Zero provided a fantastic outdoor adventure for children, complete with bungee excitement.

First and foremost, I was thoroughly impressed by Base Zero's punctuality. They arrived well before the scheduled start time, ensuring that everything was set up and ready to go. This level of organization and punctuality created a seamless experience for the festival attendees and demonstrated the team's dedication to delivering a top-notch service.

The professionalism displayed by Base Zero's staff was truly commendable. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and attentive to the needs of each participant. From explaining the safety procedures to offering helpful tips and encouragement, the staff created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that put both children and parents at ease. Their expertise and enthusiasm for rock climbing were infectious, inspiring even the most hesitant climbers to step out of their comfort zones and conquer new heights.

One aspect that truly stood out was Base Zero's unwavering commitment to safety. Every detail, from the secure harnesses to the well-maintained climbing walls, was meticulously designed with the participants' safety in mind. The staff provided clear instructions on proper climbing techniques and closely monitored each climber, ensuring that they were securely harnessed and supported throughout their ascent. This focus on safety allowed parents to relax and enjoy the experience, knowing that their children were in capable hands.

The addition of bungees to the rock climbing experience was an absolute blast! It added an extra element of excitement and exhilaration, making the activity even more memorable for the kids. The bungees provided a thrilling bounce as the children scaled the walls, adding a touch of adventure to an already fantastic experience. It was evident that Base Zero had carefully considered the needs and preferences of their audience, ensuring that the activity catered to children of all ages and abilities.

Overall, Base Zero Mobile Rock Climbing surpassed all expectations at the QLD Eid Festival. Their punctuality, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to safety truly set them apart. The thrill of climbing combined with the added excitement of bungee bouncing created an unforgettable outdoor adventure for children. I wholeheartedly recommend Base Zero for any event looking to provide a fun and engaging activity that promotes physical fitness and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Thank you, Base Zero, for your outstanding service and for making the QLD Eid Festival an absolute success. You have left a lasting impression on both children and adults alike, and I eagerly look forward to experiencing your rock climbing expertise again in the future!

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